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Black chrome and Matte Black DRAGONSKIN

With DRAGONSKIN you can protect your genuine chrome detailing and keep it in pristine condition, or use it to enhance or change the aesthetic of plastic chrome trim on newer model cars.


 Genuine Chrome

If you’ve spent time and money restoring a beautiful classic car you’ll know how expensive it is to get parts re-chromed, so it’s worth protecting it. DRAGONSKIN offers a couple of different options to protect your metal detailing. DRAGONSKIN Clear will protect your chrome, sealing it from the elements, accidental scratches, tarnishing, salt air, and everyday road grime. While DRAGONSKIN Clear Matte can change your traditional shiny chrome look to the high end Black Chrome finish that is the latest trend among European sports cars.

Plastic Chrome

Much of the chrome detailing you see on modern car makes is chrome painted plastic. The appearance doesn’t have the elegance or quality of genuine chrome elements, but with DRAGONSKIN products you can get magnificent results that improve the aesthetic of your plastic chrome trim, transforming it from cheap looking fake chrome to a gorgeous black chrome finish that looks just like the real thing. The clear matte coating will not only make the chrome look better, but it will also protect your chrome finish from chipping and exposing the plastic underneath.

DRAGONSKIN finishes for your car trim and detail.

Matte Black:  DRAGONSKIN in Matte Black will give your car in instant tough makeover. Matte Black is the hottest colour in car finishes right now, so if you like the way your trim looks, why not paint the whole car?

Black Chrome: Black Chrome is the latest high end look among European Sports Cars for external and internal trim.  Factory paint jobs in Black Chrome is very expensive, but with DRAGONSKIN Clear Matte you can get the same look for a fraction of the cost. See our image above.

Metallic Silver or Gold: Silver trim will always be a popular look, but if you really want your vehicle to stand out from the crowd, why not detail it in Metallic Gold? Matte Black car with Metallic Gold detailing? Yes, please! Use our DRAGONSKIN Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold to create unique trim elements, quickly and easily.

Matte Colours: With our gorgeous range of DRAGONSKIN Matte Colours you can create completely personalised vehicle looks with the minimum of fuss and cost. Paint the trim: bonnet, badges, roof rails, grille, wing mirrors, or paint the whole car. There are no limits when it comes to customising with DRAGONSKIN, and there are no commitments. Just peel it off and paint it again in a new colour when you’re ready for a change.

Clear Coat: If you like your plastic chrome the way it is but would like protection from marks, scratches, and paint chips then give it a coat of DRAGONSKIN Clear and it will retain its pristine condition underneath.

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