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Re’skin’ your Motorbike with DRAGONSKIN

Suzuki after paint job
A custom paint job for your motorbike is a breeze with DRAGONSKIN.

Here, we’ve given a Suzuki DRZ400e Off Road Bike a completely new look in DRAGONSKIN Fluro Orange and Matte Black. Not only does the paint job make the bike look brand new again, but it almost looks like a completely different bike.

Before we started painting, we conceptualized the overall look of the finished bike, deciding which colours would be applied to what elements.

bike before paint job
Before dismantling the bike, conceptualize which elements you wish to paint and what colour you want to use.

We removed the parts that could be dismantled easily and taped up the rest to protect from overspray in preparation for painting. Since this Suzuki was well loved and used often, all the elements needed a solid clean before we could apply the DRAGONSKIN. We wanted the finish to not only look excellent, but also to last as long as possible, thus a perfectly clean base was required. Using warm, soapy water we gave all the parts to be painted a thorough wash. Some were heavily greased and needed a once over with some isopropyl alcohol to remove the oily residue before being cleaned again with the soap and water.

We left the bike pieces to dry overnight, then the next day we gave them another quick wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have settled during the night, and then allowed them to dry again.

Using DRAGONSKIN Aerosol cans we sprayed the clean bike elements with about 4-5 coats each of Matte Black and Fluro Orange, allowing sufficient drying time between layers. Once we were satisfied with the finished coat, we let the paint dry completely before carefully removing the masking tape and putting the bike back together. (See here for a more detailed explanation of how to paint your bike or vehicle.) The finished bike came up an absolute treat, and the owner was thrilled.

Suzuki dirt bike before being painted motorbike painted orange

All up, we used 4 cans of Fluro Orange and 2 cans of Matte Black, which at a total cost of $180 is significantly cheaper than any other form of professional respray you could find on the market. But the advantages of using DRAGONSKIN over normal paint go beyond the significant savings in both time and money.

  • Using DRAGONSKIN requires no excess preparation: so no sanding, no surface prep, no undercoat (or primer). Just a good clean with soap and water is all you need.
  • Due to DRAGONSKIN’s flexibility you can even paint the sides of the vinyl seat as it will remain soft and pliable after painting. No need to replace the seat to match your new paint job, just include it in your painting itinerary.
  • The DIY nature of DRAGONSKIN means you set the time frame, the colour scheme, and the overall cost. Such control is rarely available in professional spray outfits.
  • The plump, rubberized DRAGONSKIN coating makes it perfect for covering minor scratches without having to sand them back.
  • DRAGONSKIN will also provide a protective layer to your original bodywork. Slides and grazes are more likely to peel the DRAGONSKIN off than to scratch the surface of your bike, meaning your original paint job will last for much longer than usual, and ensuring a much better resale value on your bike should you decide to sell it.
  • With DRAGONSKIN the agonizing commitment of permanency is taken off the table. Just peel it off when you’re ready for a change or to revert back to your original paint job.

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