Holden with Red Detailing
Silver Holden with Dragonskin Detailing

Use DRAGONSKIN to protect your car’s paint job, as well as provide custom detailing.

Do you like your cars original colour, but want it in a Matte finish? Apply DRAGONSKIN Clear Matte.

The beauty of DRAGONSKIN is the ease of which you can apply different colours and clears to change different parts of the car, giving you different effects.

DRAGONSKIN can be applied to highlight particular lines of your car.

matte black paint job
before matte black

Want only a matte black bonnet? Easy! Use the Matte black finish.

While providing custom finishes and detailing, DRAGONSKIN also protects your car from almost all day to day activities and elements which can affect and ruin your original paint job.

Holden before being painted with Dragonskin
This Holden was originally the standard silver gloss paint with silver highlights.
Holden with red and Black Dragonskin detailing
Here’s the same Holden with clear matte coating, red wing mirrors, red front grille insert and red side skirts.

Use DRAGONSKIN Clear Gloss to protect your car from the elements.

Keep your vehicle’s paint in pristine condition without changing the look of your car by applying Gloss Clear DRAGONSKIN. It will help to reduce the damage from stone chips as well as protect your original showroom finish from tar, dust, and dirt.

You can even just do the front section, which suffers the worst of the road conditions. With Clear Gloss DRAGONSKIN it will be almost impossible to tell where the uncoated and coated surfaces meet.

DRAGONSKIN can also be used to coat the parts you don’t see, providing lasting protection from daily wear and the elements. This is especially useful if you live in areas with degrading conditions, such as coastal areas. Salty sea breezes can eat at non coated surfaces, and snow can cause havoc with even the best maintained cars.