Grey vase with neon yellow DARGONSKIN
Grey vase colour blocked with DRAGONSKIN neon yellow.
Ringholder in Neon Yellow and Matte Black DRAGONSKIN
Gold ringholder colour blocked with DRAGONSKIN neon yellow and matte black.

DRAGONSKIN is a quality removable paint that can be used to decorate almost any hard surface. Temporarily change the colour of furniture, white goods, glass, fixtures, paneling and more without the commitment of other paints.

DRAGONSKIN is so simple to use, simply clean the desired area well and apply.

It has a durable, non-slip, waterproof surface which ensures your furniture or whitegoods not only look great, but the original surface is protected too, and it won’t scratch or flake easily like other paint products.

Fan in original silver
Silver fan before painting with DRAGONSKIN
Fan updated in Neon Yellow
Silver fan after being painted with DRAGONSKIN

The secret to DRAGONSKIN lies in the fact that it grips rather than sticks to surfaces.

By spraying multiple thin layers, each additional layer bonds to the previous one and ensures a strong grip, a tough, durable surface and easy removal.

  • Create cool new looks for your whitegoods
  • Update your decor and ornaments
  • Breathe new life into your outdoor furniture
Microwave in neon yellow DRAGONSKIN
Microwave painted in DRAGONSKIN neon yellow.
Peeling DRAGONSKIN off lamp
Peeling Silver DRAGONSKIN off a lamp shade.

DRAGONSKIN is also available in a multitude of cool colours and finishes. 

To remove DRAGONSKIN, simply find the corner or an edge and peel off. It’s that easy!