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Want to protect your car without having to change colours?

Keep your paint job in pristine condition without changing the look of your car by applying Gloss Clear DRAGONSKIN. This transparent protective coat is virtually undetectable yet will provide defence against stone chips, tar, dust, dirt and rust.

PAINTING YOUR VEHICLE: a step by step guide

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Pick a weekend where the weather is good, between 18-25c is ideal. Make sure you’ve allocated a good amount of time to complete the job. If you’re painting your whole car a weekend will need to be committed to the task:

  • Friday Night – Clear and clean the area you‘re going to use & wash the car.
  • Saturday Morning – Clean the car with wax and grease remover.
  • Saturday Afternoon – Mask and Tape
  • Sunday – Painting Day
  • Monday or Tuesday Evening – Remove the Masked areas

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