DRAGONSKIN is more than just peelable paint

DRAGONSKIN is an air drying, flexible rubberized paint film, specially formulated so that it can be applied to most non-porous surfaces. The secret to DRAGONSKIN is that when you want to change the colour again you can just peel it off without harming the surface underneath.

It’s also flexible

DRAGONSKIN remains flexible and stretchy over time, ensuring it won’t crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. It has been tested and proven in temperatures from -40ºc to +93ºc. Paint it on with a brush, roll it with a roller, spray from an aerosol can or from your own paint gun. The more layers you apply, the better the protection.

DRAGONSKIN has a wide range of applications

DRAGONSKIN provides a waterproof and abrasion resistant film that protects surfaces from everyday wear and tear, so your items not only look amazing, but also remain in excellent condition underneath the DRAGONSKIN protective coating.

Apply DRAGONSKIN to protect your vehicles from stone chips, tar, road grime, rust, dirt and dust as well as leaf acid and tree sap. Use Gloss or Clear Matte to shield your furniture and goods against day to day scratches and wear, and to guard against fading caused by sunlight. All DRAGONSKIN products are UV stabilised.

Since DRAGONSKIN won’t damage existing paint or metalwork, you can confidently use it to create custom paint jobs on your car, van, trailer or motorbike, colour co-ordinate furniture for events, adapt sporting goods into your current team colours, or personalise your phone or computer.

motorbike in neon pink
High Visibility fashion colours are an excellent way to update your current paint job.
Matte Black adds an element of luxury to your customisation.
Waterproofed map with rain drops
Use DRAGONSKIN clear coat to waterproof maps for travelling.

DRAGONSKIN is both functional and stylish

Surfaces painted with DRAGONSKIN will have a slightly ‘soft to touch’ rubber surface that provides a nonslip, waterproof property to the paint. Use clear gloss or clear matte DRAGONSKIN to prolong the life of maps and other travelling goods such as packs, tents, and shoes.

Smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, and laminate will have a rubberised texture and more grip once properly coated with DRAGONSKIN. Apply a generous number of layers to pedals, steering wheels, handle bar grips or other items which tend to become slippery when wet.

Even the Spray Can Design is unique! The Aerosol can nozzle has been specifically designed to be turned for a horizontal or vertical spray pattern. The top trigger has been designed to require minimal finger pressure, reducing finger fatigue if you’re doing a big area with lots of cans. It also has a special design which will keep the paint off your fingers.